Snøcarve is the rebirth of a 35 years old forgotten snow skate: The Swingbo. It was created to get new gliding sensations. Inspired from surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing, it allows the user to shred on ski slopes. It is made out of a deck, two short skis and a pair of trucks that binds everything together. The deck trains simultaneously the skis to tilt and allows the system to turn. In comparison with snowboard or traditional snow skates, it gives unique carving sensations and a better balance. In order to evolve the old design, this new version would give the freedom to put your feet wherever you like on the deck, without any bindings.

Link to the video of the prototype testing.

Tout deck 5.2 Blanc.24.2

Tout deck 5.2 Blanc.25.2

Explosé_Plan de travail 1.2

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