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The USM Design grant is a study grant launched by the Fondation USM to encourage innovation by rewarding a student’s project. The grant amounts to CHF 25,000. This competition takes place each year during the Design Days, alternating between Geneva and Lausanne, and is granted in turn to a student from HEAD (Geneva School of Art and Design) and Ecal (Lausanne Cantonal Art School).

The USM Design Grant is awarded to the “Infinity” project by Theo Luvisotto and Martin Stricker. As an exception, the jury awards a special mention to the “Bambino” project by Bérengère Bussioz and Clémence Buytaert.


Infinity is a visual and sound installation which invites the user to enter into an infinite space. People can look through an opening and experience the echo of their own voice while seeing themselves in an infinite reflexion. The openings are positioned at different heights, allowing children and adults to interact freely inside the structure. Built out of duplicated cardboard modules linked by elastic ropes, the construction offers a maximum of effects with a minimum of means. It is efficient to produce, stackable in piles for transport, it can be quickly built in different kinds of shapes without the help of tools and is therefore inexpensive.

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