Smart crutches to take control over your recovery.

Hapstick is a project that was driven through the China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC). The brief was to create a connected object with a team of 6 students coming from EPFL ECAL and HEC. (With Nan Chen, Diane Touvenin, Harshdeep Singh and Jonathan Regef).

On ECAL website.

On CHIC website.


During different phases of rehabilitation, patients should use their crutches to put specific amounts of weight on their injured leg when walking.
Respecting this partial weight bearing is essential for a proper recovery, and yet it is so unintuitive that 80% of the population fail at it.
Hapstick provides a patient-friendly recovery experience that is both easier and safer.
A vibration feedback in the smart-crutch’s handle informs the patient when they are putting an incorrect weight on their leg, assisting them in performing and understanding their own rehabilitation better.
Our smartphone app provides visualisations of the patient’s progress, which helps their physician tailor the provided care to their specific needs.


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